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Welcome to AIMISOLA!

AIMISOLA: Project Summary

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AIMISOLA: Integral Attention to the Immigrant Women. Formative Itineraries for the Social and Labour Insertion

The AIMISOLA project is  born out of a feeling of rootlessness that many immigrant women experience in various European countries, and the responsibility of the various governments to facilitate mechanisms that would make their social and labor integration possible.

Many have children born in these host countries, making  them 'doers' of these countries and, therefore, deserving of basic resources, which have been declining since the beginning of economic crisis (lack of employment, lack of places in state kindergartens , etc.)

The project director is Augustine Abila, professional of social intervention in Spain since 1999. Augustine helds a doctorate in Spanish Philology from the Complutense University of Madrid and is the president of the Cultural Association for the Defense of African values "ACUDEVA". Augustine is also a writer and a poetess.


AIMISOLA: Atención Integral para las Mujeres Inmigrantes. Itinerarios Formativos para la Inserción Social y Laboral

El proyecto AIMISOLA nace del sentimiento de desarraigo que experimentas las mujeres inmigrantes en diversos países europeos, y de la responsabilidad de los diversos gobiernos para facilitar mecanismos que hagan posibles la integración social y laboral de estas mujeres.

Muchas de ellas tienen descendencia en los países de acogida, convirtiéndolas en ‘hacedoras’ de esos países y, por tanto, merecedoras de recursos básicos, que han ido disminuyendo desde el comienzo de la crisis (falta de salidas laborales; falta de plazas en guarderías públicas, etc.).

La directora del proyecto, Augustine Abila es profesional de la intervención social en España desde 1999. Inmigrante, doctora en Filología Española por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, presidenta de la Asociación Cultural de Defensa de Valores Africanos "ACUDEVA" y también escritora.

Project Outcomes

AIMISOLA: Norwegian Best Practice report

AIMISOLA project's Norwegian Best Practice report is now available.

The best practice report aims to identify concrete mechanisms set in place for getting immigrant woman into work life in Norway. Cases were picked for their success, the recentness, topicality (cases related to social engagement, skill training, employment, language training). Also, cases were sought from state as well as non-profit and privately initiated projects. The report also includes basic statistics regarding women immigration to give the reader an impression about current and particular aspects of the situation in Norway, followed by the case study.

The best practice report was developed by Hub Impact Bergen founder Silje Grastveit and her team in Norway, under the supervision of Norwegian Partner, Elisabeth Nesheim.

Digital Poems: Voices of Immigrant Women

Augustine Abila & Sindre Sørensen

Yo sufro el doble:

Xiana Sotelo & Sindre Sørensen

Yo Soy Tú, Una Mujer Hermosa y Empoderada (Spanish original):

I Am You, A Beautiful Empowered Woman (English translation):

Álvaro Seiça & Sindre Sørensen

AIMISOLA Collaborative Wiki Website

Workshops and Activities

The project is centered around the organization and creative documentation of 5 workshops delivered by the Spanish partner, where the participants learn work and/or entrepreneurial skills (to better be included in Spanish society and workforce).